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Zahra Zakariya Abdulkareem is a Business Strategist and Transformational Coach.
Her mission in life is to serve, inspire and empower others.
She works with both high performing professionals seeking greater fulfilment in life, as well as businesses seeking to make lasting social impact and teaches them how to leverage their unique talents, personal stories and divine purpose in achieving true success.

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“A Season to Heal” is a reflective audio journal which follows the journey of Zahra Zakariya as she rediscovers herself following a period of deep emotional turmoil.

She explores the toxic traits and habits practised by many high performing individuals which she also needed to grow out of, including over-committing and burning out, not asking for help, seeking validation through titles, accolades and accomplishments, attaching one’s self-worth to a job and not giving oneself the space one needs to rest and recuperate.

This audio journal is a special pre-released single from the upcoming album.
It gives listeners a sneak peak into the lowest point in Zahra's journey before reaching the stage of acceptance, divine guidance, healing and renewal.

It is packed with life lessons, pearls of wisdom & practical advice to help listeners on their journey to renewal.

coaching benefits

Learn the skills you'll need
to thrive no matter the Season

Learn to surrender

Surrendering and letting go is the first step in living a life of peace and freedom.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is essential to gaining mental clarity and balance.

Fill yourself up

Be mindful and identify the little things which bring you joy.

Manage stress

Stress is a silent killer. Listen to your body and learn when to slow-down.

The Zahra Zakariya Podcast

Join Zahra as she shares her learnings and insights as a Business Strategist & Performance Coach


It's time to dig deep and reflect.
What is holding you back?
What truly makes you happy?
Where do you need to surrender?
And so much more...
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+4479 4011 2088

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