Meet Zahra Zakariya

Hi! My name is Zahra and I am so glad you are here to find out more about me!
I’ve created a little audio where I share more about who I am and the inspiration behind my work as a Transformational Coach to High-Performing Entrepreneurs & Professionals!
Full Profile
Zahra Zakariya Abdulkareem is a Business Strategist and Transformational Coach. Zahra has a BSc in Economics from The School of Oriental and African Studies and a certificate in Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounts.
She completed the world renowned graduate training program with Deloitte UK, where she qualified as a Strategy and Operations Consultant.
While studying for her BSc, Zahra also embarked on two business ventures; an online women’s clothing line; ZAHRA & ZINAH and a bespoke photography company; Radiant Reflections, with her USP being female photographers for women only occasions such as bridal showers and henna parties.
Through these ventures, Zahra developed an eye for detail alongside her creative and entrepreneurial capabilities. Between 2009 and 2011, she co- presented and produced a fortnightly show called “Revealed” aimed at breaking down negative stereotypes of Islam in the community in line with the Governments’ Preventing Violent Extremism Initiative in the UK. Her show was amongst the first to be aired live on Reprezent 107.3FM in April of 2011. This amongst other major contributions, led to Zahra’s nomination as one of Powerful Media’s Future Leaders for year 2012/2013.
In 2014, she launched The Umm Fariha Network, initially as a post- partum support group for new mothers suffering from post-partum depression and mental health issues. It has grown into a platform aimed at nurturing women and helping them develop the key virtues, characteristics and capabilities necessary for success in this world and the hereafter.
In January 2016, she organised and hosted the maiden edition of The Essence, Symposium, Family Fair & Expo in Lagos, Nigeria. The two days Muslim Lifestyle Event aims to raise aspirations and foster excellence amongst millennials in Nigeria. This year the event was featured on TVC, Silverbird, Pulse and other notable media outlets across the country.
In February 2017, Zahra was featured on TVC’s Your View Breakfast show as the first Muslim Personality of the Month for her outstanding contribution to women issues and youth development in Nigeria and around the world.
Leveraging her wealth of experience, Zahra now runs her own Personal Development, Business Coaching & Consultancy Practice. As part of this she has also pre-launched the Essence Online! – a social enterprise aimed at giving back and helping the youth to leverage their faith and spirituality for personal, social and economic success. She runs one-to-one mentoring and business strategy sessions for small businesses and SMEs and provides branding, social media and digital marketing consultancy for traditional businesses looking to get online.
She is currently working on a new range of personal development products for high performing, high achieving professionals, searching for a better work life balance and greater fulfilment in their lives.
In addition, she works as an Independent Consultant for L.E.A.D.S Consulting, where she is the head of Social Entrepreneurship, using her wealth of experience to develop a transformational youth empowerment program for young Nigerians in line with T.I.M.E A.I.D Empowerment Model.
Zahra is a wife and mother whose passion for social development, human capacity development and inclusivity continues to motivate her to pioneer many initiatives for the local community both home and abroad.

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