Private 1:1 Session with Zahra – Counselling


Gain the clarity & confidence you need to thrive, no matter the season.
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Some times all you need is a listening ear.
Whether it’s a one off chat or a monthly check-in session, we have something for everyone.
Book a 1:1 Session today, and begin your journey of self-discovery & renewal.
(Note: Sessions vary from client to client. To better understand your needs be sure to fill out our “Discovery Questionnaire”)
Our promise is to help you find the clarity & confidence you need to thrive, no matter the season.
Zahra Zakariya Abdulkareem is a Business Strategist and Performance Coach. Her mission in life is to serve, inspire and empower others. She works with both high performing professionals seeking greater fulfilment in life, as well as businesses seeking to make lasting social impact and teaches them how to leverage their unique talents, personal stories and divine purpose in achieving true success.
She has over 8 years business experience and has consulted for both start-ups and large multi-national banks in the UK. Zahra has a BSc in Economics and a certificate in Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting. She completed the world renowned graduate training program with Deloitte UK, where she qualified as a Strategy and Operations Consultant. Zahra has worked with a number of global investment banks on a range of projects including Regulatory Transformations, Strategic Planning, Risk Data Aggregation, Data Architecture, Reference Data Strategy and Data Lineage.
Zahra is also the founder of The Umm Fariha Network a women’s network aimed at nurturing women of virtue, MFN by Zahra Zakariya, a modest fashion strategy, branding and promotion brand and The Essence Online, aimed at providing business mentor-ship and spiritual development for God-conscious entrepreneurs.

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20mins Questionnaire Review Session, 1 hour Private Discovery/Strategy Session, 3-Months Package – Three 1 hour Sessions, 6-Months Package – Six 1 hour Sessions


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